Property History Research 101

If you are beginning a home improvement project, have you ever considered checking into your property’s history? Property history research can lead you to interesting and important information about your home. It can provide insight regarding why certain features were constructed how they were, and can be very helpful during a remodel. Here are a few steps to take to start your search for information:

  • If your home is older, talk to your home inspector. They will observe every small detail of your home, and can detect any underlying flooring. If there is lovely hardwood underneath your shag carpet, the home inspector will find it.
  • Converse with your neighbors. They may have been close to the previous owner, or may be able to tell you which improvements were made to the home, and when.
  • Dig out your library card, and make your way to the publications section! Old newspapers are a great place to search for information regarding any events that may have taken place on your property. A librarian will be happy to help you with your search if you are having trouble finding information.
  • Look over the deed. The deed will tell you the official address, lot number, section number, township, and more! You can locate the deed at your county’s courthouse.
  • Go online to This site allows owners to include a history of their home after completing a home project. It will tell you if there have ever been any work permits on your home.
  • Contact the Bureau of Land Management in order to access information regarding when a private owner first purchased the land from the government.

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