DIY Tips To Increase Your Curb Appeal

Importance of Curb Appeal

When you are trying to sell your home, first impressions are everything. If your home is lacking curb appeal, potential buyers may not even get out of their car to look at the inside of your house. Keep these DIY tips in mind to help boost your homes curb appeal and to sell it as fast as possible.

  • Clean it up – a manicured yard is the best way to show that you care about your yard and that you have taken care of it. Power wash your driveway and walkway. You can even power wash the side of your house if it is looking a little drab. Washing both the inside and outside of your windows can help make your home look great both inside and out.
  • Focus on your plants – taking care of your plants will help your yard look pristine. Trim your shrubs, pull up any weeds, and put mulch in your planting beds to help prevent the growth of new weeds. If you are planning on planting new plants, make sure to choose plants that are native to the area to help reduce the amount of watering that is needed.
  • Think of your bare feet – if you have a wooden porch, look for any loose or splintered boards that can hurt bare feet. Giving buyers the idea that they can walk around the entire property bare foot can help them feel more relaxed and like they are at home.
  • Choose a palette – the color of your house is more important than you think. If you are repainting, choose a neutral color that matches with your yard, as well as the rest of the neighborhood.

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