Simple Guide for First Time Home Buyers

Most of the first time buyers cannot afford to give the full payment for the home they wish to buy. So for them to complete the buying process they need to get mortgage loan. Therefore, it is necessary that you have a clean credit history. To do this, secure yourself first a copy of your credit report before you start your house hunting. Then, start checking your credit and verify that all information provided in your record is true and correct. Speak to any creditors to update your record in cases your card has been cancelled or there are balances that have been paid off.

Get Pre-approved First Before House Hunting

Getting pre-approved will help you save time and effort in looking for houses you cannot afford. Contact a mortgage professional and tell him how much you can afford and get pre-approved before you start finding for the best home for you. Pre-approval means that you have been approved for the purchase by a lender that gives you the advantage in bidding for a home. Getting pre-approval often depends on your monthly income, debt and credit history.

Aim for a Home That Is Within Your Budget

Make sure that you have the financial capacity to purchase the house that you want. For you to be able to handle this, take into consideration your income, debts and your expenses and how these factors would affect your ability to buy a new home.

Check Out the Neighborhood

Examine the locations and price ranges for the type of home you are looking for. If you are interested in a particular neighborhood, know the available amenities, schools, property taxes, crime rates, and other neighborhood features of the area. Talk with different people who live in the area and visit at different times of the day. Research is very important in buying the perfect home for you. Remember that when you buy a home you are not buying just a home but the entire neighborhood package.

Seek for Professional Help

The process of buying a home is a difficult process thus it is necessary that you seek for the help of the professionals in home buying. There are many multiple listing services available on the web that can help you learn information about home buying. They could help you find the perfect home for your budget and preferences. You can also hire a real estate agent to assist you in picking the home that would best suit your needs. There will be a lot of things and papers to deal with along the home buying process and hiring agents can be very helpful in making all these tasks easier.

Hire a Home Inspector

It is very important that you hire a home inspector before you buy a home. They can help you spot potential problems before you purchase your home. Inspecting the condition of a house is a significant part of the home-buying process and should be integrated in your purchase contract as a condition of closing the sale. One or more professional home inspectors should scrutinize and examine the whole property to look for defects or malfunctions in the building’s structure, such as the roof, plumbing, or foundation, and detect pest infestations or dry rot and other damages.


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