Spring Season=Buying Season

More homes are sold in the months of April, May and June than any other time of year. Why? Because this is when there is the most buyers searching for homes. When there are lots of buyers there are usually a substantial number of sellers too. This spring, the lessening inventory of homes for resale is expected to continue. This means sellers will have less homes to choose from and buyers may receive multiple offers.

To prepare your home for a spring home closing you should start with a thorough spring cleaning. Unclutter your home so that it appears spacious. Windows should be cleaned inside and outside.

Curb appeal is very important. Make sure your lawn is groomed and free of weeds, dead leaves and other debris. Have colorful flowers interspersed around and cut some to put on the dining room table. Cracks and potholes in cement and blacktop should be repaired. Touch up areas that need paint such as wood trim, doors and eaves.

When your house is being shown make sure blinds are open and if the weather is nice windows too. Otherwise, cool your home to a comfortable temperature. The idea is to bring the outdoors inside.

Spring is a great time to show off your home and buyers are looking for reasons to fall in love with a property. Take advantage of the season by incorporating it into your home.

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