Sprucing Up the Old Patio

Over the years your patio will start to lose some of its luster. The brick or stone material gets covered with moss, dust, and dirt from being exposed to the weather. A routine cleaning can help bring the life back to your patio area. A few simple steps will give it a new life.

Although you can hire someone to professionally clean your patio, doing the work yourself is fairly easy. It just takes a few inexpensive tools get the job done. The minimum investment you need to make is in a quality bristle broom and a pressure washer. These should last a few years and you can find a lot of other uses for both these items around your home.

First, you should relocate all of the furniture that’s on the patio. Next, give the area a real thorough sweeping. Make sure you use a quality broom specifically made for sweeping driveways and outdoor surfaces. Be sure to sweep up all dirt and leaves that have gathered in corners and crevices.

Is there any grass or weeds sneaking up between the surface cracks of the patio? Now is the time to take care of them. Unsightly weeds and grass will ruin the improved look you’re hoping to achieve. You can pull the grass and weeds by hand or treat them with Roundup or a similar product.

If you don’t own or want to invest in a pressure washer, you can rent one for the day from your local hardware store. Warm water should be sufficient to get the patio clean in most cases. For stubborn stains you may want to buy one of the commercial cleaners sold at the hardware store and apply it with the pressure washer. Just be careful and follow the instructions explicitly. If you have plants located around the patio, be sure to avoid getting the chemicals anywhere near them. Some of the runoff from the cleaner may also do some damage to your lawn. Read and follow the instructions on the particular product you buy to avoid damaging any surrounding plant life.

Once you have finished power washing the patio and are satisfied that all dirt and loose debris has been removed, take stock of your patio furniture before placing it back in its previous place. This would be a good time to replace any old or run down furniture.

The final step I recommend to give your patio an inviting touch is to decorate with live plants. If you are on a budget, just buy a couple of cheap annuals or bring some of your indoor plants outside for the summer.

With a little hard work and a small investment, you can restore the beauty and appeal of your old patio.

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