Survey Shows Community-Centered Neighborhoods are Where It’s At

Survey Shows Community-Centered Neighborhoods are Where It's At- Cary Amo

If everyone made the exact same choices when it comes to selecting a neighborhood in which to buy a home, a few neighborhoods might be very overcrowded. Although people’s preferences vary as to what they find the most important, they also have a lot in common. And, a recent survey shows that when people are shopping for a home, they prefer to be close to the center of it all.

In 2013, the National Association of Realtors conducted their Community Preference Survey, to find out the latest trends in deciding on a neighborhood. According to the survey, number one on the list was privacy from neighbors, at 86 percent. Just slightly less, at 80 percent, was established sidewalks and other walking routes. About two-thirds of survey participants thought it was very important to have a community with people from different stages of the life cycle, in an established neighborhood with adult trees and some older homes.

As realtors are known to say, location is also very important. The vast majority of respondents to the survey said they wanted a home that was a short walk from public transit, with easy access to the highway. They preferred a short work commute, as well as shops and good schools within walking distance. However, only a little over half indicated they would like to live somewhere farther away from the community center.

It is not enough to find a great neighborhood. You also need a realtor with the experience to help you find the right home for you. For more information about California real estate in Lafayette and greater Contra Costa County, contact Cary Amo.

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