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Check Out These Tips To Help Boost Your Credit Score

Tips To Boost Your Credit Score

Learn how to boost your credit score so you can qualify for a mortgage! When it comes to buying a home, you’re likely going to need a mortgage loan. However, qualifying for a loan isn’t always so easy. Be sure to help the process run smoothly and keep up on your credit score. The higher

Avoid The Mistake Of A Non-Contingent Offer With These Tips!

How To Avoid A Non-Contingent Offer

Don’t get stuck with a non-contingent offer! Contingent offers are there to help protect the buyer. Should the home for one reason or another fail to meet certain criteria, the offer is off the table. When you don’t make a contingent offer, you face potentially expensive issues on your new home. Check out how making

New Mortgage Disclosure Laws to Delay Home Purchases

Keep Your Home Buying Process Timely New mortgage disclosure laws are in effect, and have been since October 3, 2015. They will affect those home buyers who are applying for a mortgage as new rate and fee quote forms from lenders are required. These federally required consumer disclosures, or TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID), will make

Understanding Your Borrower Risk

Will Lenders Let You Borrow? When you think about buying a home, you probably think about the increased space, the outdoor area, and the other ways a new home could meet your needs. Your first thought is likely not about the lending aspect of home buying, but that does not mean that you can just