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Check Out These Tips To Help Boost Your Credit Score

Tips To Boost Your Credit Score

Learn how to boost your credit score so you can qualify for a mortgage! When it comes to buying a home, you’re likely going to need a mortgage loan. However, qualifying for a loan isn’t always so easy. Be sure to help the process run smoothly and keep up on your credit score. The higher

Winterize Your Home

Prepare Your Home for Cooler Months Ahead Now that autumn is in full swing, homeowners should start preparing for the upcoming winter months. Winter can bring rain, strong winds, storms, and temperatures that plummet below freezing. It’s always a good idea to fix up some home repairs before the winter so that you don’t need to brace

Test Drive A House With These Tips

New Home Testing Tips Test driving a car is one of the best ways to make sure that you are making a good investment. However, there is no way to test drive your new home, which means you will never truly know that it is the best house for you until after you move. Keep

What to Do This Year: Rent or Buy a Home?

Today is a tempting time to buy a home with interest rates and prices at their lowest levels in years. Deciding whether to buy or rent can be complicated, and potential homebuyers have a lot to consider this summer. As part of National Homeownership Month, the American Bankers Association came up with these key questions

What House Can You Really Afford?

What does “value” mean to you? To me, the word “value” means priceless—things money cannot buy. The problem with the American mentality is that we put such importance on material things and not on things that are valuable. I cringe when I read inspirational or financial books that encourage people to strive to buy their

Home Really is Where the Heart is, Says Survey

This just in: One-third of Americans would choose their dream home over their dream significant other! These and other interesting statistics come from a recent survey conducted by Rent.com about love in order to better understand renter habits about relationships and moving in together. Here are a few other highlights from the survey data: 28

Homeowners Unaware of Costly Repair Responsibility

A recent national survey conducted by GfK Roper Custom Research finds that less than 50 percent of homeowners surveyed know that they are responsible for repairs to the water line on their property. Further, the report goes on to state that one-third of all homeowners responding actually assume that their local utility is responsible for