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Planting a Tree? Top Tips for Long-Term Planting Plans

Enough of the country was impacted by tree and shrub compromising weather last winter that I thought it would be smart to pitch some tips to folks making long-term planting plans to restore trees and other shrubbery around their property that might eventually grow tall enough to interfere with power and cable lines. One regional

Do-It-Yourself Home Projects Save Time and Money

This year, everyone is looking to save on their household budget. But just because you’re scaling back, doesn’t mean you can’t make some improvements around the house. Use these DIY home improvement and cleanup tips from the experts at Grime Boss to help revamp your home, without spending a fortune: Repaint the walls One great

Home Know-How: Understanding Condensation

What do houseplants, a boiling pot of pasta and your shower all have in common? They all add moisture to your home’s interior. And, while some humidity in the home is good, excessive moisture can be uncomfortable. “We often get calls from homeowners who are concerned that their windows are ‘sweating’ or leaking either inside

Home Really is Where the Heart is, Says Survey

This just in: One-third of Americans would choose their dream home over their dream significant other! These and other interesting statistics come from a recent survey conducted by Rent.com about love in order to better understand renter habits about relationships and moving in together. Here are a few other highlights from the survey data: 28

How to Better Your Listing Photos

Listing photos are crucially important for both listing and selling your home. The highest quality photos are the best tool sellers can use to lure buyers to view the home and hopefully make an offer. Consider these tips when taking photos – they could end up being a make-or-break factor for your transaction. Removing clutter

How to Make Your Home “POP” on the MLS

New housing reports out this month indicate that 2012 might be the year that the housing market begins to turn around and the combination of low interest rates, improved unemployment rates and current low home prices should bring some relief. In addition, according to Freddie Mac’s U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook survey, home sales

Is Hard Water Ruining Your Appliances?

Preserving expensive appliances is common household concern. With that in mind, it’s alarming that so many Americans do not realize the damage their water is doing. Most Americans have hard water flowing through their plumbing, and it’s taking a silent, but pricey toll on their water-using appliances and pipes. “If you think you’re not affected,