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Interest Rates Are Predicted To Rise, Make Sure To Buy Before It’s Too Late

How Interest Rate Increases Affect Home Buying

With rising interest rates, now is the time to buy! When buying a home, it’s important to look at the financial aspects. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, you’re going to need a home mortgage loan. You qualify for a loan and you’re ready to buy a home, but keep in

Should You Refinance?

Refinancing Lafayette CA

Determine if refinancing is right for you! The ebbs and flows of the housing market can be complicated. One month interest rates can be sky high and the next month they can fall to a more reasonable rate. Determining when to buy a home based on good interest rates is difficult, especially because life often

Are You a Frustrated Buyer?

I frequently hear from frustrated Realtors® about their frustrated buyers and how difficult it is to win a bid in this VERY, VERY HOT Sellers Market due to extremely low inventory and very low mortgage rates.  Every decent home, no matter where in the Bay Area is getting 10 to 20, sometimes 30 (or more)