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Check Out These Tips To Help Boost Your Credit Score

Tips To Boost Your Credit Score

Learn how to boost your credit score so you can qualify for a mortgage! When it comes to buying a home, you’re likely going to need a mortgage loan. However, qualifying for a loan isn’t always so easy. Be sure to help the process run smoothly and keep up on your credit score. The higher

New Mortgage Disclosure Laws to Delay Home Purchases

Keep Your Home Buying Process Timely New mortgage disclosure laws are in effect, and have been since October 3, 2015. They will affect those home buyers who are applying for a mortgage as new rate and fee quote forms from lenders are required. These federally required consumer disclosures, or TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosures (TRID), will make

Why Buyers Choose Their Homes

This Is Why Buyers Buy When trying to sell your home, you do a lot to make it appeal to potential buyers. From improving your curb appeal to staging the interior, you are doing what you can to make sure every buyer who walks to your door falls in love. Ultimately, though, there are three

Common Mortgage Mistakes To Avoid

How to Allow the Mortgage Process to Go Smoothly There are many parties to consider when getting a mortgage, including your real estate agent, mortgage lender, tax adviser, escrow officer, and more. With everyone that is involved, it is very easy for your escrow to get held up. To help prevent any issues with your

What House Can You Really Afford?

What does “value” mean to you? To me, the word “value” means priceless—things money cannot buy. The problem with the American mentality is that we put such importance on material things and not on things that are valuable. I cringe when I read inspirational or financial books that encourage people to strive to buy their