The Remarkable Effectiveness of Personal Touches in the Homebuying Process

First-time home buyers and experienced investors alike may underestimate the value of personal touches when trying to make a bid for a home. Home buyers need to remember that the current owners of the home fell in love with the home first. Some of them have even lived in the home for generations, and some sellers even regret having to sell. As a home buyer, you can write a letter to the seller regarding your plans for the home, and you can even include a photo of your family. This shows the seller that you respect their home and that you intend to develop it in a way that is respectful and meaningful to you. Many sellers hesitate before a purchase because they worry that their house is simply going to be resold or rented out, and many people have a strong emotional bond with the home that they have lived in for many years. You can also have a one-on-one conversation with the seller about how the property has touched you and your family.

Home buyers interested in learning more about how personal touches can help a real estate sale in Lafayette can contact Cary Amo at Sotheby’s Real Estate.

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