8 Steps For An Easier Move!

With spring full of home sales, summer is when families pack up their homes to get ready for move-in day! With the kids out of school, it is the perfect opportunity to move. However, this can be a complicated process if not done correctly! Here are 8 steps to make your move more easy, and stress-free!

  1. Pick your moving company. Before choosing, make sure to thoroughly interview each of your options. Ask them which charges are included in your quote, and which are not. This way you will get a more accurate idea of how much you will be paying.
  2. If none of the companies please you, make the move yourself! Make sure to get rid of your extra clutter, and plan out each day of your move. Grab some friends to help you lift heavy items, and rent a moving truck to transport your possessions!
  3. Pack your items by room. This will make for an easy unloading process. Be sure to label each box cleanly, and to use white packing paper instead of newspaper! Newspaper can leave ink stains all over your belongings. Only use moving-specific boxes.
  4. Have a garage sale before moving day! This will clear out your home of unneeded stuff, and make for a much smoother moving process.
  5. Transfer your utilities ahead of time so that you will have power when you get to your new home.
  6. When move-in day finally arrives, remember to reserve a spot for your moving truck to park, and clear all obstructions between the spot and your house. Set aside boxes that you don’t want the movers to handle, and decide on how much you will tip them.
  7. Try to make the unpacking process more fun by making it a race! Your kids will love the competition. Make sure to take snack breaks when you start to get a little run down.
  8. When you are all unpacked, its time to settle in to your new home! Take a walk around the area, and see which businesses are close for you to take advantage of, and volunteer to meet new people!

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