Tips In Hiring Reliable Contractors

Homeowners want to get a residential property that satisfies their needs. Value for money is a top priority for most people looking to buy a home these days. Who could blame them?

Today, it’s just natural for people to take the extra steps to ensure they’re not wasting their hard earned money on a property with hidden problems. Being the place that provides shelter to their families, they want a home that is durable and well maintained to protect them from natural calamities.

If you’re planning to do some renovation work, however, it’s your responsibility to get a trusted and reliable contractor. You wouldn’t want to compromise your home to anybody who won’t be able to fix your house properly. In these days of scams, it’s best to be sure that you’re getting the right contractor who can do his job well and at the right price.

Get four references if possible. Experts know that when hiring contractors, they normally provide three references. For a change, you can ask for four. As most of these references are the usually ones who give them a positive feedback for their first work, try to ask the contractor that the fourth reference should be a person that called them back to repair a problem. This will let you know how the contractor followed up with the homeowner until the issue was solved.

Ask a friend or family member to assist you. You should do this if you live alone. Let a friend or a sibling stay with you when you meet and interview potential contractors. Women need to have a male present if possible and make sure you keep all your valuables before you let the contractor come in your home. When they inspect your house, go with them so you know what they’re doing.

Verify their license. A contractor needs to have the proper license so be sure to check this document as well as their local operating permit. An honest contractor should not hesitate to show you his credentials at your first meeting. You can check this at the office of the state’s secretary.

Check the Better Business Bureau. Another office where you can check the credentials of potential contractors is the Better Business Bureau. You can check from not just one bureau but even from the other bureaus in nearby states because it’s normal for contractors and their crew to move around.

Ask about contractor coverage. Apart from the license, you can also check if the contractor has surety bonds, performance bonds and workers’ compensation. If you don’t know where to verify this, consult your insurance agent.

Contractors should buy the supplies. This is the norm but a word of caution, don’t give the money to the contractor. What you can do instead is to set a time to meet with the contractor at the supply store and be the one to pay the materials. You can then arrange for the supplies to be delivered to your home only on the day they will be needed.

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