How To: Spot A Neighborhood On The Rise!

If you are searching for your dream home, do you remember to take the value of neighborhood into consideration every time you go to an open house? Neighborhood value can drastically influence how much you spend for your home, and also how much you can get in return if you decide to sell! If you are able to spot a neighborhood on the upswing, you will be able to find a home at a lower price. Additionally, during your time in that home you will be able to sit back and watch as your neighborhood improves over time. Next time you walk through a house, keep your eyes open for the following signs that indicate a neighborhood on the rise:

  • Courteous neighbors. How can you tell? They have beautiful, well-groomed lawns, and sidewalks are free from clutter and trash.
  • Silent streets. If the neighborhood is far enough away from noisy streets, you will have an easier time sleeping at night.
  • Easily accessible schools, hospitals, public transportation, grocery stores, and recreational facilities. Areas close to all of these features are considered some of the most valuable real estate due to the many conveniences they offer.
  • Great views. Everyone wants to buy a home with a nice view. If you ever decide to relocate, your home will sell itself!
  • Low crime rates. No one wants to live in an area that they don’t feel safe. If your neighborhood has great safe stats, your home will be more valuable.
  • Speak with a neighborhood specialist before buying your home to ensure your property value will be maintained if not increased during your time there.

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