How To Hook Buyers Upon First Sight

For sellers, impressing your buyers upon the first meeting is crucial! Most buyers report that they have never bought a home they didn’t love at first sight. Therefore, you should do everything in your power to make sure they get a great first impression! Here are some things to consider in order to make that happen:

  • Shape-up the exterior of your home! Invest in a quality landscaping company to fix up your lawn, and make sure to move your garbage cans out of plain sight. Wash all of your windows, and move your children’s toys to an area where they cannot be seen. Additionally, it wouldn’t hurt to repaint your front door and garage door! Invest in a new and clean doormat or wreath to make your entry more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Now it’s time to tackle the indoors! Lessen the clutter, and clear off any surfaces such as tables, and counters. Remove any family photos on the walls so that your buyers can more easily picture their belongings there instead.
  • Your home may look great during the day, but what about at night? The walkway up to your house should be well lit and your house numbers should be visible from the street. Make sure to replace any burned out light bulbs inside the home as well.
  • If anything inside your home is broken, make sure to repair it! Your buyers don’t want to spend time and money on repairs after they have moved in. In order to make sure they get a good impression of the house, you will need to make sure it is problem free.

If you take these recommendations to heart, you will be surprised at the amount of attention your home will get! Sell your home upon first glance! If you have any further questions on how to do this, please contact one of California’s top real estate agents, Cary Amo!

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