Tips to Negotiate the Best Deal in the Housing Market

You don’t have control over the kind of market that exists when you’re buying, but you do have control over how you negotiate.┬áHere are some tips you can use when buying a home to get the best price no matter what the real estate market looks like.

  1. Know what you want. You’ll be in the best position to negotiate if you know what size home you need and how much you can afford.
  2. Look for a comparable recent sale, and offer around that price. You want to have an offer comparable to the last home sold.
  3. Find out what the seller owes. A seller who has equity will negotiate differently from one who is underwater.
  4. Look for homes that have been listed for 45-60 days. At this point most sellers are anxious.

Using these tips will let you get the best price in any market condition.

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