Transforming An Ordinary Bathroom Into A Relaxing Spa

Even when you just have a little and ordinary bathroom at home, there are several steps you can take to make it more deluxe and spa-like. There is nothing more relaxing and comforting than allowing yourself a long soak within a warm bath, or pampering yourself having a relaxing hot shower. If you would like some suggestions that may help you turn your plain bathroom into a beautiful and luxurious room that can evoke a spa, them read on for a bit of inspiration.

Renew Using a Coat of Paint

A good way to give your bathroom a brand new appearance is with a fresh coat of paint. If you’d like the serene and relaxing look of a spa, then paint your walls in light shades like taupe, beautiful sky blue, or light sage green. A white ceiling doesn’t just make the room look taller, but it surely will also make the bathroom more cheerful due to additional reflected light. When the walls are repainted, hang an attractive art print or two in picture frames that are designed to complement your brand new color scheme.

Replace the Bathroom Linens

Nothing says lavish comfort like soft and fluffy new bath towels. If you want to give the bathroom a fresh look inexpensively, try replacing the bathroom linens, shower curtain, and bath mats. To give the space a relaxing spa-like look, choose towels and accessories in white, off-white, light neutrals or pastel shades. Although dark colors certainly have their place in a bathroom, you’ll create an airier and more relaxing look by emphasizing lighter colors. So that you can add warmth and luxury to your floor, choose plush, soft, luxurious bath mats.

Changing Out Outdated Bathroom Fixtures

You may be surprised to discover you can replace your outdated bathroom fixtures cheaper than you thought. As an example, it is possible to give your old shower, sink, and bathtub a fresh and updated look by just changing the bathtub and sink faucets and also the shower head. Good choices to consider to help create the spa-like atmosphere are a water massage shower head or a rain style shower head. If you can, opt for a shower head and fixtures that conserve water, so that your new spa bathroom will be eco-friendly in addition to luxurious.

Finishing Touches

It’s sometimes the subtle decorating touches that really complete a room. If you would like your bathroom to be spa-like, then avoid visual clutter and keep things simple. Everything that you may really need is a few art prints displayed in picture frames, several scented candles, a vase of fresh flowers, or perhaps a beautiful live plant. In order to add a relaxing and natural touch, choose a potpourri or candle scent that has unobtrusive and clean fragrances, like ocean breeze or fresh linen. It is also a nice touch to locate a wicker basket on the vanity counter that will hold body lotions, bath salts, bath oils, and any other personal items that can accentuate the spa-like environment. Then, light a few candles, dim your lights, and luxuriate in your relaxing and luxurious new spa bathroom.

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