What Every New Agent Needs Right Out of the Gate

By Tricia Andreassen
If you’re a new agent just getting started in the real estate industry, the following elements are crucial as you set yourself up to hit the ground running.

1. Secure your own domain name. It’s important to have a domain name that you can use with your company-provided site or a site of your own. Domain names allow you to start branding from the beginning so that you have a solid foundation in place from the get-go.

2. Make sure you have a stand-alone website that can easily grow with you. Ask your Web provider if you can add unlimited pages, photos, videos, social media elements and even your own links and PDFs. This allows you to have a solid foundation in place even if you end up switching companies down the road.

3. Have your own IDX (MLS search tool). There may be rules in your MLS that prevent you from having your own MLS search, but you’ll want to investigate this. While your broker or MLS may provide a free MLS search link, you want to have a search tool that brands you as the point of contact for every listing. In addition, the search tool should have built-in lead capture elements so you can generate as many leads as possible and ensure that you are the one getting the lead.

4. Additional domain names that extreme target-market. Additional domain names are a powerful way to garner additional leads. For example, potential sellers will be drawn to an ad that indicates they can get information on their local market conditions, so having a domain name like www.FortMillHome-Values.com compels the homeowner to visit. Be sure the domain name points to a page within your site, or even better, have it point to a specific landing page.

5. Put together a letter that you can send to your sphere of influence that explains the services you provide and any unique tools offered on your website. Your sphere already has a connection to you, so give them the incentive to come to your site, and enter them into a drawing when they provide their email address. This will help to build up your email pipeline and save money in the long run on communication.

6. Get to know Craigslist. Craigslist is a great place to run ads for free and drive traffic to specific pages within your site as well as search properties on the MLS. Be sure to place ads in the real estate-services section as well as the for-sale section.

7. Become the “GURU” of your market. Learn the MLS and how to run market-condition reports that show what’s selling, the number of days on the market and more. Learn everything you can about your market in order to position yourself as the go-to person in your area. Be sure to share the information on your website so that you’re providing true value to anyone who visits.

Tricia Andreassen is the CEO/founder of Pro Step Marketing.


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