Which section of Contra Costa has the largest families?

Parents who have school-age children tend to prefer to move where other families are already living.  They want to live in neighborhoods where their children will have friends, and where their peers will appreciate the struggles of raising a child.  Below, I have provided a list for parents looking for a new home in Contra Costa County of the neighborhoods in the county with the largest average family size.

Good Family Neighborhoods in Contra Costa County

There are three primary areas in the county where many families live:

  • The section along Route 4 between Brentwood and Pittsburg
  • Walnut Creek, at the intersection of Interstate 680 and Route 24
  • Richmond and its northern suburbs, along Interstate 80

All of these areas have distinctly unique neighborhoods, but they all have some of the largest families in the county.  The average family ranges from about 3.5 to just over 4 people per household, on average.

Finding a Home in These Neighborhoods

If you are interested in looking at homes in these neighborhoods, I, Cary Amo, would love to be your real estate agent.  Contact me today, and I will be happy to answer any questions.

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