A Letter To The Seller: Should You Write A Letter To Improve Your Chances?

Should You Write A Letter To The Seller?

Here’s what you should consider when thinking about writing a letter to the seller.

As home buying season heats up, there’s lots of competition when buying a home. While increasing your bid can help you lock in your home purchase, it’s not always an option. Another way that you can stand out and appeal to a seller is by writing a letter. But, is letter writing always the best option? Keep in mind that a letter doesn’t always work, but sometimes it can help you secure your bid on a home. Check out these tips to help you determine whether or not writing a letter to a seller is your best option.

Consider Your Audience.

Before you decide whether or not to write a letter, think about to whom you’re writing. Find out about the seller through your agent. Ask your realtor to find out who they are and why they’re selling. Once you’ve learned more about the seller, you can make your determination. It makes more sense to write to a family selling a home, than an investor.

Play To Your Strengths.

If you’re trying to find a home to settle down in, use your strengths to your advantage. Home buying (and selling) is an emotional process. Be sure to play on those emotions to win over the seller. Put your heart and soul into your letter. Explain who you are and why this home is so important to you.

Find Common Ground.

Be sure to find commonalities with the seller to better connect with them. When you go to an open house, be sure to keep your eyes open. Perhaps there’s a piece of art that you adore or a book on the coffee that you just can’t put down. Ensure that you’re genuine in your commonalities to make a stronger connection and impression on the seller in your letter. Sometimes, it helps to take a color picture of you and your family, especially if you have children.

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